Ziwen Chen


Hi! I am a Ph.D. student in Organizational Behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business. I am a member of the Computational Culture Lab led by Prof. Amir Goldberg and Prof. Sameer Srivastava. I also collaborate with Prof. Michele Gelfand. Before starting my Ph.D., I received an M.A. in Computational Social Science from the University of Chicago, where I was advised by Prof. James Evans in the Knowledge Lab.

I am curious about the cognitive process and the knowledge structure that underpins culture as it is constructed, shared and reproduced collectively. I am also interested in how the internet, algorithms, and machines shape contemporary meaning production. In my research, I employ computational social science methods (e.g., network analysis, natural language processing, causal inference) to analyze large-scale behavioral data.

My research interest focuses on Culture and Cognition, Human & Machine, Social Network, and Computational Social Science.


Apr 26, 2022 I will present on this year’s IC2S2 on “High order innovation and new venture success”.